Friday, March 14, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks, you and I

*Spoiler alert- Although this post is not supposed to tell the story per say, there are comments that are revealing about the end of the movie "Saving Mr. Banks".*

A couple of days ago I watched "Saving Mr. Banks". Being a Disney fanatic who loves Mary Poppins, the movie promised to be just what the doctor had ordered. And indeed, I must say I absolutely loved it, and have been singing Feed the Birds and dancing with my baby boy to the tune of Let's go fly a kite ever since.

I found it remarkable that through the countless times I'd watched Mary Poppins, I had always assumed that she comes to save the children from harsh nannies everywhere. As a child, and then a childless woman, I could only relate to the children, or to Mary Poppins herself (I guess every Early Childhood educator does have a thing for her). Apparently Walt Disney himself also misunderstood that, so I am not in bad company.

But as I watched the story progress, and later went back to watch Mary Poppins itself, it is quite clear that the only one who needs any saving is George Banks, who thinks children should be patted on the head and then sent off to bed at 6.03pm. He is not an unkind man, but obviously too busy worried about other 'important' things, such as his job. His children are not unloved, but are certainly not a priority.

I am not sure if the author's story is actually real, but in the movie, the author's father is very different from the fictional character. Travers Goff is a most devoted father, portrayed as someone who pays attention to and plays with his daughter, always encouraging her and speaking love into her life. He is, however, very much in need of saving, as he is an alcoholic who cannot keep a job and is obviously making his wife's life a living hell.

One of them is redeemed. The other, not so much. At the end of the movie, I felt quite thankful. Thankful my chances are not fifty-fifty.Thankful I am not in the hands of a flying nanny with a talking umbrella. Thankful I am not dependent of some movie producers to redeem my childhood traumas by flourishing a family member's flaws into a Hollywood production. Thankful my savior does not go away when the wind changes.

You see, I do have a saviour, and so do you. His name is Jesus. He is able to save me from my character flaws, addictions, and gives me eternal life. He is mighty to save (Zephaniah 3.17). The thing is, like most people, I spent a long time unaware I needed any saving. Just like George Banks, or Travers Goff, I thought I was doing just fine. And I was. Fine.

Realising that you are in need of something, but there is nothing you can do to achieve it makes you feel really small. Which is, in my opinion, how we should feel when we are compared to almighty God. And then He comes to the rescue (1 Thessalonians 1.10), and redeems us as his children. Admitting one is in over his head is such a blow to the ego, but it has the greatest reward we could ever want.

I honestly think that the ego thing is the main issue most people have with Jesus. They think it's OK to consider him a prophet, a Godly man. But considering him a saviour means you need saving. And our ego can be so tricky in rationalizing against that. So then we end up thinking Jesus is great, but just happens to be a bit extreme (that Son of God part we'll leave out, shall we). Well, I agree with C.S.Lewis on this one. He is either who he says he is, or a complete lunatic. He is either God, or a scam. He leaves no room for middle ground. And the decision, he leaves up to you.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's in a name?

Twenty-five is my apartment number. Plain, and simple. And this apartment #25 is indeed as Blue as it gets. You see, in the planning stage I envisioned several color schemes and spent countless hours on this website to get inspired. However, standing in front of the color tech guy, both my husband and I gravitated towards the blues, every single time. We ended up with a blue apartment, made up of five different shades and tints of the same hue.

Unfortunately we are not living there yet. It has been vacant for nearly two weeks, and we have been working hard to make it homey. Let's just say a bachelor lived there for the last seven years, and leave it at that. Yeah, we have a fixer-uper on our hands. We are still in the impossible-to-live-in-stage, which includes changing bathroom and kitchen flooring, restoring the hardwood floors and getting all the cupboards in the place redone. The hubby has been a trooper and devoted nearly every spare moment to painting walls, taking out the old baseboard and installing ceiling fans. Bless him. 

I have not been idle as well. Between keeping up with our house chores, making sure everyone has clean clothes, taking care of a three month old baby, de-cluttering and packing, one might say I have my hands full. Thank God for maternity leave. And white wine. And blogging. Because I am starting now precisely in order to keep my sanity. 

In case you are wondering, these are the specific blues we are talking about. All from the lovely Sherwin Williams catalog. And yes, the Nursery gets three colors. I'll tell you more when it's finished. And I guess according to the paint people, my living room will be in the Green family. Looks blue to me.